Yoga Workshops

Yoga workshops are an opportunity to explore an aspect of yoga in more depth.  I like to keep the length of my workshops to 3 hours in duration. This allows you an opportunity to learn some of the theory of the subject but have time also to experience how to put that learning into practice. A workshop differs from a class as it is a more interactive experience with opportunities to ask questions and gain deeper understanding of the subject than you might be able to or wish to in your usual class.

All of my workshops are suitable for everyone, even those with no previous yoga experience. If in doubt, please ask me for more information. Also, if there is a subject related to yoga, health or fitness which you have always wanted to know more about please do let me know. It might be just the prompt I need to design a workshop around it.

Yin Yoga &
Fascial Release Workshop

Saturday 28th July
13.00 to 16.00

Yin Yoga  is a descriptive term used to distinguish between this softer way of working with Hatha Yoga and the stronger vinyasa styles which have evolved since the emergence of Ashtanga Yoga. Most people who practise yoga regularly eventually come to practise at least some of their yoga in a Yin way, enjoying the calm and healing qualities that the practise can bring to them.

“Exercises that create a gentle traction of the connective tissue are yin. As important as it is for our physical and mental well-being to be strong, it is not muscular strength that gives us the feeling of ease and lightness in the body, it is the flexibility of the joints. I have known many muscularly powerful adults who are physically incapacitated or uncomfortable because of joint problems in their back or legs. Athletes don’t retire because of muscular problems, they retire because of joint problems. Bad ankles, bad backs, bad knees— these are the injuries that force athletes to retire and old people to shuffle around. Yin yoga postures gently stretch and rehabilitate the connective tissues that form our joints.”  [Paul Grilley]

This workshop is an opportunity to experience the effects of a Yin Yoga practice and to learn about some of the underpinning theory behind the practice.


Other future yoga workshops will explore:

  • Stability and balance;
  • Building Your Home Yoga Practice;
  • Developing Core Strength & Core Stability;
  • Forward bends;
  • Backbends;
  • Yoga philosophy;
  • Yoga Pranayama (breathing practices);
  • Yoga relaxation practices;
  • Meditation and Mindfulness;
  • Live Your Yoga (On & Off The Mat);
  • Zen Yoga.

Yoga workshops can be booked on my Book Online page.

When booking workshops please be aware of my terms and conditions.

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