Yoga Workshops

Yoga workshops are an opportunity to explore an aspect of yoga in more depth.  I like to keep the length of my workshops to 3 hours in duration. This allows you an opportunity to learn some of the theory of the subject but have time also to experience how to put that learning into practice. A workshop differs from a class as it is a more interactive experience with opportunities to ask questions and gain deeper understanding of the subject than you might be able to or wish to in your usual class.

All of my workshops are suitable for everyone, even those with no previous yoga experience. If in doubt, please ask me for more information. Also, if there is a subject related to yoga, health or fitness which you have always wanted to know more about please do let me know. It might be just the prompt I need to design a workshop around it.

Zen Yoga Workshop with Ian Blackie-Taylor
Sunday 8th April
10.00 to 13.00

Ian trained as a Zen Yoga teacher. This workshop is an opportunity to learn about and experience some of the teachings of Zen Yoga.

Zen emphasises self-control, meditation practice, insight into Buddha-nature, and the personal expression of this insight in daily life, especially for the benefit of others. In Zen, the inseparability of the ‘body-mind’ is often stressed, together with the need to retain our flexibility for life. Zen yoga practice is primarily concerned with the body and sensations, and observing life as a process in a constant state of change.

You will learn the importance of mixing moving Zen (do-zen) into Zen practice. There are four kinds of Zen: sitting, standing, lying, and moving. We should practise them all. Whatever we do, we must do it fully, mindfully, wholeheartedly, one thing at a time without being attached to or involved in it. When we practise moving Zen, the quality of our daily lives becomes very different.

No previous experience of yoga necessary. Suitable for all.


Yoga For Cyclists Workshop
Sunday 27th May
10.00 to 13.00

Cyclists spend many hours in a single position, making repetitive movements with some muscles groups. This workshop will help you identify the muscles you need to strengthen in order to improve your cycling endurance.

The workshop will also help you to identify your own individual tightness which may be affecting your alignment and posture on the bike, potentially putting you at risk of future injury or creating discomfort which limits your cycling endurance or enjoyment.

The yoga included in this workshop will help you strengthen, improve flexibility, and explore relaxation practices to manage your stress responses. No previous experience of yoga is needed and the workshop is suitable for cyclists of all ages and abilities.


Other future yoga workshops will explore:

  • Stability and balance;
  • Developing core strength and stability;
  • Forward bends;
  • Backbends;
  • Yoga philosophy;
  • Yoga Pranayama (breathing practices);
  • Yoga relaxation practices;
  • Yin Yoga and fascial release;
  • Building your home yoga practice;
  • Meditation and Mindfulness;
  • Live Your Yoga (On & Off The Mat).

Yoga workshops can be booked on my Book Online page.

When booking workshops please be aware of my terms and conditions.

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Swim Bike Run YogaI also offer coaching and workshops aimed specifically at athletes. Some involve purely yoga, others are strength and conditioning, fitness training, or skills focussed. Find out more at Swim Bike Run Yoga.