Building Your Home Yoga Practice Workshop – Saturday 2nd June – 13.00 to 16.00


Building Your Home Yoga Practice Workshop at The Yoga Studio, Tavistock

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People who come to my yoga classes often say they do so because of the experience of being in the calm space of the studio and, having allocated the duration of time, they need only follow my instructions to practice yoga.

The most benefit from yoga practice comes though from consistent regularity. Coming to a class once or twice a week is a great thing and you will notice physical and emotional benefits but if you were to also practice at home between classes that benefit would be even greater.

This workshop will help you understand the reasons why a home practice may not yet be happening consistently for you and will help you to overcome those issues. You will learn about and explore the components of a home practice and learn about what to do, how much, and how often.

Suitable for all ages, levels of experience, and all abilities, even those with no previous yoga experience.

When booking workshops please be aware of my terms and conditions.


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