Individual & Small Group Yoga Sessions


Individual yoga sessions are generally 60 minutes long.  Sessions can include posture work focussed on health, strength, or flexibility according to your needs, breathing practices, relaxation; and can also include lifestyle coaching.

I currently offer individual and/or small group yoga sessions to people in homes and workplaces around Devon and Cornwall. My hourly rate depends on your location. I can also offer you sessions at my studio in Tavistock, and this can be the most economical option if you live in a more remote part of the area. Please complete the form below, including your postcode, to allow me to quote for your session.

Sessions can be tailored to meet your individual goals. Goals may include:

  • physical health improvement: perhaps reduction of back or joint pain or a desire to feel stronger and able to move better;
  • emotional or psychological well-being: perhaps learning how to deal with stress more effectively to reduce potential negative health impacts;
  • lifestyle changes or personal development: yoga is about so much more than just physical movements and postures and sessions can be tailored to help you in a life-coaching way.
  • sports training or conditioning: yoga can enhance any sports training and performance in various ways. (If this is your interest you may also wish to see my other website

Sessions can be booked as a one-off or as a regular weekly, monthly or fortnightly event and can take place at your home, workplace or at The Yoga Studio. Sessions can be for you as an individual or with a friend or small group. I charge the same rate for a group of up to 3 people. (Larger groups can be catered for at differing rates according to size.)


Individual & Small Group Yoga Enquiry Form
If your enquiry is about sessions at your home or workplace then please add your postcode in the message box so that I can quote the appropriate rate. Please also add any information about yourself which may be relevant at this stage.