Low back pain: messages that harm or heal

Messages that can harm and messages that can heal in patients with nonspecific low back pain.

For sufferers of low back pain, recommendations to restore normal, confident spinal movement and functional capacity include:

  • relaxation exercises to reduce trunk muscle guarding;
  • diaphragm breathing;
  • gentle mobility exercises for the spine and hips to normalise
    movement impairments;
  • functionally targeted movement training linked to strengthening and conditioning where indicated;
  • general aerobic exercise guided by levels of comfort and patient preference.

This is exactly how the therapeutic use of yoga works.

Those who have long-term low back pain may wish to start with one of my Gentle Yoga classes. Or you may wish to specifically focus on strengthening and conditioning the whole of the core by attending my Core Strength and Stability Yoga class. For others my Yoga For All Abilities will be the perfect match. Find out more on my Yoga Classes page. All postures and practices can be modified to suit where your health and fitness is today.

You can read the full source article at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ivan_Lin/publication/260843454_Acute_low_back_pain_Beyond_drug_therapies/links/0f317532b876f4bc13000000/Acute-low-back-pain-Beyond-drug-therapies.pdf.

Thank you for an amazing first month

Thank you to everyone who has come to a yoga class this month. It has been an amazing first month. Even with a limited timetable nearly 200 mat spaces have been filled and the response to my new studio and return to offering classes has been enthusiastic and heartwarming.

Monday evening is the last class this month. (That class is now fully booked.) There will be a short break in classes from then as I will be on holiday. Classes resume on Wednesday 8th November.

Bookings can be made online so will continue in my absence.

See you in November (unless you have booked in for Monday).


About Core Strength & Stability

The core is so much more than just the abdominal muscles that most people first think of. The core works to stabilise your torso whilst moving arms and legs and also works to stabilise the spine in all the ways it moves and in all planes of movement.

This is why the yoga which works to strengthen the core needs to be varied. You need to flex, extend, laterally flex, and rotate your spine in postures which varying from standing to seated to supine. You need also relax and stretch the core muscles to enable their movement.

What you learn and the awareness you develop on the yoga mat you will take into your daily life and activities to transform the way you move.

Lengthen, strengthen, and relax your core.

The Yoga Studio opens in Tavistock on 2nd October

I’m delighted to be able to announce the opening of my new yoga studio in October 2017. To begin with I am offering classes on 4 evenings and 1 daytime. See my Yoga Class Timetable for details of the current class schedule. I will also be offering workshops and courses there. The studio will also give me an alternative location to offer anyone wishing to book private individual or small group yoga sessions.

It’s a lovely space in the upstairs of one of the beautiful buildings in Paddons Row in Tavistock. You can find out more information here.

Classes can be booked online, or by email, phone, text. Whatever you need to do. I offer options to pay by PayPal, BACS, cash or cheque.

I’m very excited to be returning to teaching classes. So excited that I am already planning the mat layout. Next time I won’t have my equally excited labrador wagging her tail next to me as I do this. You’ll have to come to class to see what the layout will really be like!

See you at a class soon.


Raising funds for Samaritans on International Day Of Yoga

You can read about the International Day of Yoga here.

To acknowledge this universal day, I will be leading an outdoor yoga session, weather permitting, in The Meadows, Tavistock on the evening of 21st June. I had been thinking about which charity to donate funds to and had considered several on a local level. This evening I watched an interview with a member of Samaritans. Samaritans is one of the organisations who are helping survivors of the terrible tragedy of Grenfell Towers as well as recent terrrorist attacks.

I have decided to offer this session on a donation only basis to raise funds for Samaritans.

Events such as these are in the news for a short time and affect us all. For those closely involved the emotional difficulties caused are ongoing for life. To a greater or lesser extent events of such awfulness and collective loss of life contribute to our general sense of coping and wellbeing. Each event has an accumulative effect on us. Sometimes we are unaware of the effective of each layer of stress until it overwhelms us.

On a personal level, I lost a friend to suicide within the last year and am aware of the pain caused to those left behind. It seems fitting to use this occasion to help an organisation which helps so many who feel at the limits of helping themselves.

I have advertised this event at short notice and have had little opportunity to advertise it. Please share this to anyone who may be interested. Please let me know if you are intending to come to this session. This is so I know numbers to expect but also so I know who to contact in the event of bad weather causing this event to have to be cancelled or postponed.


Samaritans donation

Thank you to those who came to this event. Thank you also from Samaritans. 

Sorry for the delay … life happened while I was busy making other plans.

Hello everyone,

I know I promised when I closed the studio that I would be teaching regular workshops for all of you who were going to be missing my classes. Sorry that has taken so long to happen.

There is a saying that life is what happens when you are busy making other plans and it is all too true. It would be too long a story to put here all that has been happening for the last few months. Suffice to say that my attention has been on trying my best to bring some peace to the woman who gave me my life before she has to let go of hers.

Due to all this, as well as not having led any workshops, I cancelled the retreat I was offering in Andalusia in June as I felt I needed to let go of some things at this difficult time. The situation is still ongoing but I hope has now come to a point of peace which sufficiently allows me to begin to put energy back into teaching some workshops. I will be offering the Andalucia retreat again next year, perhaps some UK based weekend retreats too.

I have now booked a venue for two workshops: 10th June and 9th July at Clearbrook Village Hall. I will be creating other workshops to teach there as well in future months; and at other venues.  If there is an aspect of yoga you would like me to cover then please let me know.

I am also now working on dates for another certificated Foundation Course as well as looking at dates, format, and location for a 2018 teacher training course.

I look forward to seeing you on a yoga mat soon.