I have been teaching yoga since 2003 (though have taught other sports and activities since 1987). I originally undertook a two-year British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher training course at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. I have since added to that learning by training with experienced teachers including Leslie Kaminoff, Ray Long, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Lee, Zoe Knott, and Bob and Be Insley, amongst many others. In 2016 I completed a BSc in Sports Science and Sports Psychology with The Open University.

My yoga teaching is a blend of the traditional hatha yoga I have practised and learnt over many years, combined with up-to-date sports science and sports psychology information. I work in a way which offers the best therapeutic benefits of yoga for each individual.

As one of my teachers said, “Postures don’t have alignment. Individuals do.” That statement greatly influences my teaching.


I am a certified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Foundation Course Tutor, a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, and an Independent Yoga Network Yoga Elder.

I now also offer teacher training courses in order to enable others to teach yoga which is safe, effective, enjoyable, and knowledgeable.

I teach in The Yoga Studio in the centre of Tavistock as well as in homes and workplaces throughout Devon and Cornwall.

If you have an enquiry which has not been answered via this website please  contact me.


I started practising yoga back in 1995 when I was pregnant as I found I was unable to continue the climbing, running, and mountain biking I had been doing. I though I was going to practise yoga just for the duration of pregnancy but I have found that I never wanted to stop.

It was a surprise to find that yoga enabled me to stay strong and fit and to steadily increase that strength and fitness. At the same time I have increased in flexibility, overall health, and emotional balance and well-being.

I think of yoga as a ‘toolbox’ of practices to support your journey through life. Some days I choose the big tools, the more challenging postures or sequences, in order to work harder and on other days the smaller tools, restorative and relaxing practices, are better suited. There is no day when yoga doesn’t feature in some form in my life.

A regular yoga practice is ideal for people of all ages and all levels of fitness. Yoga is also helpful for anyone wishing to improve performance in a wide range of sports and activities.


Yoga can help you to:

  • reduce your lifestyle-related physical issues;
  • help you manage stress and anxiety;
  • improve your breathing function;
  • strengthen and lengthen all of your muscles to improve function in all planes of movement;
  • improve or maintain joint range of movement;
  • develop core strength and stability;
  • build postural strength, in all planes of movement;
  • strengthen muscles used repetitively in your life to improve endurance and reduce overuse injuries;
  • improve co-ordination, balance, and concentration;
  • help you to gain a psychological edge;
  • improve immune function allowing you to live without interruption by illness;
  • recover from specific injuries or imbalances;
  • develop your awareness of optimal movement patterns in your body to increase movement economy;
  • and so much more.


Details of my qualifications can be found here.


Some of my yoga students are also athletes (recreational or competitive) and would be interested in my other website, aimed at the coaching and conditioning needs of athletes and other sports people. To find out more please visit ‘coachkathryn.co.uk‘.