An Important News Announcement

It is always difficult to make announcements which involve change for so many others. It has been a total delight to teach so many fabulous yoga classes, workshops, and courses in the beautiful space in which I created The Yoga Studio but I have made the difficult decision to end my lease on the space at the end of March.

There are many factors contributing to my decision none of which concern popularity of classes or your loyalty as students. That has made my decision all the harder as I know the loss you will feel. My husband Ian has just taken partial retirement and we would very much like to be able to start embarking on all the adventures we have talked about since we met.

The commitment of a commercial lease on a town centre premises does not allow for anything less than full-time working from the property. I had initially hoped that other teachers would also want to use the space and I could work part-time but that has not happened so I feel it is time for me to let go of the space in order to move on to a new phase in my life. I can also get to spend some time in our home in West Cornwall in which I have spent far too little time to date.

This is not me announcing that I am going to stop teaching yoga. I have a teacher training course and a foundation course planned for this year but I will teach them at alternative venues. I will still be in Tavistock regularly to teach individual and small yoga sessions and will also teach some workshops there. I am also planning some teaching by Skype.

By the end of March I will have completed putting all my yoga information onto my Coach Kathryn website ( so all of of my coaching and teaching information can be found in one place. Ian and I will also be coaching together at times, working on challenge events together, and are jointly planning some yoga retreats and yoga with walking, cycling, or running holidays and training camps. I will keep my email mailing list and website updated with news of these and any other events. Watch this space!

Thank you to those who have been enjoying my teaching for years and also to those who have only just discovered me, the studio, or yoga. I hope to see you at the classes or workshop I am offering in this final month … and in the future.

With much love and gratitude,


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