Post-Christmas Energy

I am very grateful to Lovely Husband for taking me to Galicia for Christmas. We had a really relaxing few days exploring the area. Our days were spent sharing some yoga (made all the better by the view of the sea), running (admittedly Ian managed to be motivated to do more of this than I did), eating the amazing array of locally grown vegetables, and exploring the local hills and villages.

It was a lovely time to focus on the simple things which make life pleasurable. This was helped very much by how simply Galicians spend their Christmas. For me, the Christmas period is a time to be with friends and loved ones and to take time out from the busy-ness of daily life to renew and restore energy levels and to take stock of life before the beginning of a new year.

It is alway easy to take on too much in life, to think some things matter perhaps more than they do. It is particularly easy before and at Christmas to try and do more than comfortably fits into life. When this attempt fails, the things which get dropped are often the most important ones: time with friends and family, time to keep physically and mentally fit, time to eat the foods your body needs to be truly well.

So I’m back to my normal life from today with new energy but also a reminder to keep life simple and keep time for all that really matters.

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