Yoga Workshops

Yoga workshops are an opportunity to explore an aspect of yoga in more depth.  I like to keep the length of my workshops to about 3 hours in duration. This allows an opportunity to learn some of the theory of the subject but have time also to experience how to put that learning into practice.

Sunday 22nd October – 14.00 to 17.00 – Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop – £25.00

A workshop exploring and experiencing a variety of meditation techniques, including preparatory practices. No previous experience or practice of meditation is necessary to attend this workshop.

Find out how meditation can help you deal with and respond differently to the stresses in life, and the physiological and psychological benefits to be found. There are many methods of meditation and this workshop will help you explore these to find a practice that works for you.

Book online here.

I will be offering my Gentle & Restorative Yoga workshop again in the near future.  As the name suggests, this will be a workshop teaching and leading you through gentle movements and restorative yoga positions. Postures and movements will work to ease stiff joints, release tension throughout the body, and gently lengthen muscles in an effortless way. An afternoon of nurturing loveliness.

I will also repeat my S-T-R-E-T-C-H workshop in the near future. This workshop explores why and how to stretch.  The need to stretch differs from person to person according to factors such as genetics, age, lifestyle, or history of injuries. Methods of stretching also differ and this 3-hour workshop explores some of those methods.  A venue and date will be announced soon.

Other future workshops will explore:

  • Stability and balance;
  • Developing core strength and stability;
  • Forward bends;
  • Backbends;
  • Yoga philosophy;
  • Meditation and mindfulness;
  • Yoga breathing practices;
  • Yoga relaxation practices;
  • Yin Yoga and fascial release;
  • Building your home yoga practice.

Past workshop participants comments:

  • “Thank you for a lovely workshop today. I learned so much and am looking forward to incorporating my new knowledge in to my practice.”
  • “Really enjoyed this morning. Looking forward to the next one.”
  • “Thank you for the workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed it. It was great to have time to explore the postures in more detail.”
  • “Thank you for an excellent workshop, yesterday. I’m feeling it today! I really enjoyed it and hope to join you, again, sometime.”
  • “Just to say what a great and informative workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
  • “Thank you for a lovely workshop. It was good to find new things to try and new ways of doing familiar things.”

Workshops can be booked on my Book Online page.

When booking workshops please be aware of my terms and conditions.